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Purple Flamingo was founded on principles of community and health. The idea came from our travels around the world enjoying clean, healthy juicing along with other wholesome choices. In Today’s society, our poor food choices are leading to major health issues, so it’s our primary goal to share the benefits of incorporating organic raw juices into your diet. By supercharging the system with organic juices, smoothies, and acai bowls the body will heal quicker and be better equipped to ward off disease and illness. Our unique blends of raw, organic fruits and vegetables are a downright delicious way to easily consume your daily servings of vital nutrients, and they’re jam packed with pure and unaltered vitamins and minerals the way nature intended. We hope you enjoy what we provide, that is being made with lots of purple love. The Purple Flamingo family is committed to inspiring wellness and look forward to growing alongside Bellmore and getting to know each of you.

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